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  • Privacy Policy

    1. Personal information for collecting and using personal information is used only for the purpose of collecting opinions from customers.
    2. The company may collect personal information if it has obtained its consent when collecting and using personal information pursuant to Article 15 of the Privacy Act and may use it within the scope of its purpose. The items you are collecting for your collection and use are listed below

    - Required items: Author Name, Author Email Address

    3. Personal information retention, period of use, and personal information collected shall be destroyed immediately after 6 months of storage after collecting opinions. Here's how to destroy your personal information.

    - Paper output information: Grinding or incineration with a grinder

    - Electronic file type information: Delete using a technical method that does not allow the recording to be played back

    4. Customers who are notified of the disadvantage due to refusal of the use consent may reject the use consent.